Burton upon Trent and District Engineering Society


Programme for 2018/19 season:

27th September:

Annual General Meeting at 7pm, followed at 7.30pm by:

The Claymills Victorian pumping station – talk by Jacob Fowkes

Photograph taken 1968, prior to closure.

An introduction to an amazing example of steam power and Victorian engineering.
Some of the recent restoration work done by our amazing team of volunteers.

25th October:

Dam and Blast

A talk by Derek Jerram on Impounding Reservoir Disasters Speaking from Personal Experience

Water can cause enormous problems as we all know, especially when it is impounded behind a dam that has not been designed or constructed safely.
This talk reviews some impounding reservoirs, both recent and historical, which due to man's greed or folly have caused great loss of life or money or prestige or all of these.
Derek Jerram was a chartered engineer and a water engineer for many years, with experience of dams old and new, and a chartered arbitrator involved with construction disputes at home and abroad.

22nd November:

Social Evening at Marston’s Social Club
Talk by helicopter pilot – Jolyon McLaine

6th December:

Joint meeting with I Mech E
Presentation by Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd


24th January:

3D printing by Jake Foster, SYS Systems


SYS Systems is part of the Carfulan Group, a family-owned business made up of a team of engineering experts based on the Tomlinson Business Park in Woodyard Lane, Foston, near Derby.
The group specialises in providing the most advanced manufacturing technology solutions available on the market, helping to bring ideas into reality and streamlining company processes, across five divisions: OGP UK, SYS Systems, ZOLLER UK, VICIVISION UK and XJ3D.
Its work covers supplying and servicing for multi-sensor inspection equipment, 3D printing, metal/ceramic additive manufacturing and tool pre-setting and measurement, as well as turned-part measurement solutions.
Clients include world-leading leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical, education and 3D design sectors.
Over the past decade the Carfulan Group has enjoyed huge growth – it now employs more than 50 people and company turnover is close to £13 million annually, with plans for further expansion.
It was named in the London Stock Exchange’s ‘1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2018’ report, recognising it as one of the nation’s most outstanding small to medium-sized businesses.

A brief history

The Carfulan Group was founded in Derbyshire in 1989, offering services to co-ordinate measurement machine users, and was then known as Independent Calibration.
With a strong grounding in metrology and service engineering, a business was established that within two years would grab the attention of globally recognised names such as Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and Ford, who contracted Independent Calibration to oversee the maintenance of all of their machines.
Such high-profile work kick-started a chain of events that led Independent Calibration down the path of selling its own machines. It capitalised on an opportunity to become the UK sales and service representative for both Sheffield Measurement and OGP Inc, world leaders in the field of metrology, and to reflect the new focus the name Independent Calibration was replaced by DISC (GB).
Soon after came a move to a bigger premises in Hatton, South Derbyshire, before the purchase of CNC Inspection Services and a subsequent merger with DISC (GB) further strengthened its grip on the market.
As recently as 2002, when DISC (GB) became OGP UK Ltd, there was a core staff level of 10. However, a decision to focus solely on selling OGP machines brought an instant rise in sales from 10 systems a year to around 35, and things grew rapidly.
In 2007, what would become a key foray into 3D printing was undertaken, and in 2012 the company brought ZOLLER UK on board to focus on its tool pre-setting technology and tool management software.
With the full range of complementary technology products on offer came the name change to Carfulan Group and now, in 2019, the business is based in Foston, South Derbyshire.
The day-to-day running of the company lies with Directors Chris and Matt Fulton, the sons of the founders.

SYS Systems

SYS Systems is a UK platinum partner for Stratasys 3D printing equipment and software, supplying, installing and supporting the full range across sectors including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, healthcare and education.
Whether it’s a small studio needing to visualise and hone its next design, or a multi-national manufacturer tasked with perfecting its next product launch, SYS Systems has a standout solution.
With rapid prototyping capabilities backed up by intelligent software, a vast array of material and colour options and an appreciation for all budgets, bespoke Stratasys systems are facilitating the on-site production of ever-more realistic models.
By eliminating the need for outsourcing and through an ability to produce high-quality end-use parts, technology provided by SYS Systems not only helps to speed up production, reduce waste and maximise profitability but puts a world of design possibilities at the fingertips.

More information is available at www.sys-uk.com

28th February:

Joint meeting with I Mech E
Presentation by Jordon Roberts of Roger Bullivent Ltd

28th March:

The Science of Iron Man by Jay Smith

25th April:

Joint meeting with I Mech E
Bell Equipment UK Limited – Articulated dump trucks

23rd May:

Vulcan bomber by Wing Commander Mike Smith